2013- Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S)

Purpose and Background of the Research

The progress of aging society is going to introduce a paradigm shift; human is now more likely to value “Quality of Life” more than “Quantity of Products.” Due to shifting, progress of the society cannot be sustained without artificial realization of labor and human effort. To achieve such tasks in automation, soft touching based on haptics sense is crucial. In usual robotics, consideration of “ideal force source” and “generalized transformation expressing motion function” is missing; therefore generated motion is “hard” all the time. However, this research achieves artificial realization of physical support on the basis of “principle of duality in motion.” Physical support is accomplished by constructed system HEM2 (Haptic End-effector for Medicine & Manufacturing). HEM2 is not only a system that can perform “soft” motion, but also a key for haptic technology on the collaboration between medicine and engineering.

Research Methods and Outline

Expected Research Achievements and Scientific Significance

This research discovers the relation of human action and physical function, by drastic advance of “the principle of duality in motion”. The novelty of this research in academics is outstanding, because it treats physical functions in a form of mathematics by integration of “control energy sources” and “function topology”. As a result, technology based on the research indicates a high potential for the renovation of the industry and the society. The applicants are convinced that this new project can give technology innovation and more benefits back to the society, on the basis of the highly-integrated platform bridging between medical fields and engineering field.